Saturday, August 27, 2011

Form 1: Qishi (Commencing form) 起勢
a. Shift the body weight onto the right leg with the waist and hips relaxed.
b. Move the “empty” left leg to the left with a shoulder-width away, with the toes pointing straight ahead.
c. Turn inward both two hands with the palms facing backward.
d. Relax the wrists and let the arms floating up and away from the body until both wrists reach shoulder height with palms facing downwards and fingers gently pointing forward. Both two arms are slightly bent with the elbows slightly lower than the shoulder and wrists.
e. Bend knees and relax waists to squat while keep your hip from protruding.
f. The body's gravity center shall be maintained in between both legs.
g. The two arms' downward movement shall be consistent with the squatting action.

Preparation form (Ready position) 預備勢
a.   Maintain the head and neck upright, and slightly hold the jaw back (pull in the chin).
b.   Standing straight and be centered with the feet together and toes pointing straight ahead.
c.    Arms hanging loosely at the sides.
d. Do not deliberately lift chest or draw in the abdomen.
e. Allow your shoulders and elbows to relax and sink, the palms should be open with fingers naturally curved and pointing towards the ground.
f. Look straight ahead.

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