Wednesday, October 5, 2011


BA DUAN JIN emerged before Song dynasty (960-1279) and developed into a formal exercise in Ming and Qing dynasties. Health Qigong "Ba Duan Jin" preserves the excellence of the ancient movements and develops into a regimen with an emphasis on limb exercise. On the base of Kinesioloy and physiology, the order of the movements has been changed and the amount of physical exercise regulated resonably, so as to make it more suitable, effctive and standardized. Ba Duan Jin leads in good healthy by harmonious conjugation of mind, breath and movements.
The characteristics of movements of Health Qigong"Ba Duan Jin" are gentle, slow, smooth and coherent, unfold and elegant; and it couples tension with relaxation, activeness with quietness. Scientific studies show that Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin - can enhance the functions of respiratory, nervous and cadiovascular systems, build up cellular immune function and the ability to resist senility, adjust psychological state, strengthen limbs and joints, and improve body equilibrium. 

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